Freelance rates

Exactly - how can a bunch of RoR people be guilty of "price fixing"
when a customer is free to employ PHP, .NET, J2EE, ... people to do
exactly the same job? It's not like we have a monopoly on Web

Now, if you're talking about locking in existing RoR customers, for
whom it may be prohibitively expensive to rebuild their working RoR
apps in e.g. J2EE, you might have an argument. Even then, there's
nothing preventing those customers from finding someone else and
having that person learn RoR as part of the assignment - it's not like
us RoR guys hold the only magic keys to the kingdom.

In general, I give existing customers a *lower* rate, on the basis
that I know there won't be a problem getting paid, that the working
conditions are a known quantity, that they won't be looking over my
shoulder constantly questioning what I'm doing, that there's that much
less of a chance of nasty surprises, etc.


Dave M.