RE: [Rails] Re: Freelance rates

You are correct. I've posted this before - a good discussion of why pricing discussions in public forums should be avoided is at the HTML Writers Guild: HWG Pricing FAQ - The HTML Writers Guild

Last time it came up the HTML Writers Guid was debunked as urban myth. It even reads like a classic urban myth. There's no useful legal information there.

Back in June Ted Korolchuk posted a link to a superb source on this one - the United States Department of Justice:

Given a choice between legal info from the DoJ, and complete nonsense from the HTML Writer's Guild, I'd say go with the DoJ. But that's just me.

Also take a look at:

"If the industry structure is not conducive to coordination, perhaps because entry is easy or because a firm could cut prices in secret and steal business from rivals, a court must recognize that it would be irrational for the firms to engage in the forbidden process which the courts term an agreement, risking prosecution with no hope of gaining market power."

- James Moore