Free PaaS options for Rails

I’m not that familiar with the _aaS marketplace currently, but there any free options for Rails deployment now that Heroku is shutting down their free tier?


You’re looking for or Render. Ruby Radar just posted a migration guide to from Heroku, I’ve been using Render(Rails setup article I wrote) and really enjoying it but I think to use a data store it’s still going to cost you a little bit of money. If it’s a hobby or test app though you could always attach a storage volume and just use sqlite on it.

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Check out Cuber:

You can deploy your app with one file (Cuberfile) and just one command (cuber deploy).

It is 100% free and open source.

Basically you just need to define a Cuberfile in your application:

app 'myapp'
repo '.'
buildpacks 'heroku/buildpacks:20'
image 'username/myapp'
dockerconfig 'dockerconfig.json'
kubeconfig 'kubeconfig.yml'
migrate 'rails db:migrate', check: 'rake db:abort_if_pending_migrations'
proc :web, 'bundle exec puma', scale: 3
proc :worker, 'bundle exec sidekiq', scale: 2
cron :mytask, '@daily', 'rake mytask'
env 'RAILS_ENV', 'production'
env 'RAILS_LOG_TO_STDOUT', 'enabled'
env 'RAILS_MASTER_KEY','config/credentials/production.key').strip, secret: true

Then type cuber deploy to package and deploy your app on any Kubernetes cluster (on any provider).


Cuber is not a PaaS service but a tool used to deploy to an existing cloud provider. To have a full FREE solution, you need to find a provider that provides Kubernetes for free.

I am in love with although they do not really have a free plan. Railway has also been getting a lot of good reviews.

Fly is the one that offers the best free tier. It has no time limit like Railway and Render. Still, for my taste, it is the best PaaS today. It has many regions and supports many use cases.