Formating Sorcery


I have looked around for some documentation on the issue I am having,
but have had no luck. I've been working with rails/ruby for about 5
months, so I apologize if this is something simple I am overlooking, but
I am still
beginning and any help would be very appreciated as I am stumped.

I created custom salt, user authentication in my User model, but want to
use Sorcery to implement an email activation. I am not using
Sorcery's defaults for this and I think this is where my error is coming

When I create an instance of User, it is sending the email for
activation. When the link in the email is followed it says "Activation
Successful" but when I use the given Email/Password combo after the
Activation it says it is incorrect.

My full and current repo is here:

Any help would be very appreciated, I would even be willing to buy a
beer to whoever could help me or point me in the right direction.