Form Values not Persisting?

the text_field tag expects an object to exist so that it can use the specified attribute as the value for the field

so say i have the following in my 'new.rhtml' view:

text_field :user, :name

i might have in my 'new' action

@user = => "Billy")

when the view renders, the field will contain the value 'Billy'

keeping that in mind, say i submit my form to a 'create' action

def create   @user =[:user])   if     redirect_to :action => :list and return   end   render :action => 'new' and return end

what happens here is that if there was a missing field in my form for whatever reason, i want to render the 'new' template and since i already instantiated @user, it's attributes will populate the form fields.

in your case, you would need a Billing object created to populate your fields, and it doesn't look like you have that.