Values in form fields lost after validation

Can you post your controller code? It looks like the @contact_detail
object isn't being populated. It's probably something to do with the
order that you're assigning and validating things.


Yu Co wrote:

the relevant code piece of the corresponding controller looks like this:

def create
  @contact_detail =[:contact_detail])
  @customer =[:customer])
  @customer.contact_detail = @contact_detail

     session['user'] = @customer
     session[:customer] = nil

       session[:errors] = @errors

I can't see how you're redisplaying the form. Are you doing a
render(:action => :new)? Are you redirecting back to the 'new' action
using redirect_to(:action => :new)? Or do you have a separate
create.rhtml template?


Yu Co wrote:

and the controller auth looks like this:

  def register
    @customer = session[:customer] == nil ? :
    @errors = session[:errors]

I checked the values within 'register' action. And indeed the entered
data in the form is available under @customer.contact_detail. But after
submitting the form the contact_detail dates are not shown but the
customer dates.

Your view is expecting to find the contact_detail object in
@contact_detail, but you're not setting this in the controller code.

Try adding:

@contact_detail = @customer.contact_detail

to your register action.