Following tutorial, how to make the microposts be seen by all?

I am a new learner of Ruby on Rails. I followed through the tutorial and I'm trying to learn off the sample demo app where you can to make microposts and only the people who are "following" you can see them. If I wanted to make it so every user can see microposts as an additional functionality, what are the steps to do that?

Have you worked right through the tutorial? I mean actually worked through it doing the examples.

Which bits of the new functionality do you not know how to do?


I am also a new user and I had the same question. The way I did it was to modify the file app/views/shared/_feed.html.erb

   changing                 <%= render partial: 'shared/feed_item', collection: @feed_items %>

   to                 <%= render partial: 'shared/feed_item', collection: Micropost.all %>

I assumed that the OP wanted this feature in addition to the existing capabilities rather than instead of. If however that is what he wants then it would be better to change the definition of @feed_items in the controller rather than changing it in the view.