Help with best approach(fairly easy question)


Well this is maybe a fairly easy question. I am writing an app where
users that belong to a group have their own blog where they can make
posts. I have a posts_controller with all the CRUD operations and my
index action shows all the posts from all the users on a group. The
route is:


The thing is that I want to show too, all the posts from any user, or
all the posts for a given tag or category. So my question is, which
option should I use:

1) Should I send some extra parameters to my index action, like and id
or something:

users_posts(,{:category => 1})

and check on the controller which posts should be shown (for a user,
group, tag, category etc...)

Something like this:

def index
  if params[:category]
    @posts = Posts.find(:all, :conditions => ["category_id = ?,
  elsif params[:user]
    @posts = Posts.find(:all, :conditions => ["user_id = ?,
  elsif params[:tag]

2) Should I create different controllers with only an index action on
it (Create and other actions stay on the posts_controller):

  post_categories controller? post_tags controller? user_posts

So, which approach should I use?

Thanks again,


I think you should use your first. It's a bit more coding, but you
have your code in just one controller, so you can modify only one part
and not a lot of actions, controllers et al.