FlexImage - Must upload image?

I've got the flexImage plugin working with my RESTful app (thanks to
Alex Wayne). The problem is when I render the 'create' method WITHOUT
uploading an image, I get an invalid image error. My 'new' view has
fields for the other attributes in the table (same table where the
images are uploaded), and I would like to enter in those details and
create a new object without having to upload an image. The image is an
option or can be uploaded at a later time. I've looked in the FlexImage
model source code and I've found where the error occurs (starts on line

def data=(file)
    file_is_a_url = file =~ %r{^https?://}

    unless file.respond_to?(:read) || file_is_a_url
      raise InvalidImage, 'Uploaded file contains no binary data. Be
sure that {:multipart => true} is set on your form.'


Anyone know how I would be able to create a new object without
necessarily uploading an image at the same time?

Name your form field something other than 'data'. I'm using flex_image (outside of REST) and my form field is named "image_file". My forms are two part, first part is data, second part is the image file. In the second part I simply do this:

       unless params['image_file'].original_filename.empty? then
         @photo.data = params['image_file']

That works for me...