Flex_image and bulk import

I'm using the excellent flex_image plugin for a new project and have
hit a bit of a road block.

I need to import a large number of images and so have been looking at
an alternative to just using a simple html form to upload the images
one at a time.

something like..

fp = open('one.jpg','rb')
file = fp.read
p = Picture.create(:data=>file)

gives an error..

FlexImage::Model::InvalidImage: Uploaded file contains no binary
data. Be sure that {:multipart => true} is set on your form.
        from ./script/../config/../config/../vendor/plugins/flex_image/
lib/flex_image/model.rb:153:in `data='

Anyone have an idea how I can get round this?

This seems to work fine in the batch processor I’m using with FlexImage:

@photo = Photo.new()

@photo.data = File.new("/path/to/image/#{image}")


Where image is just the filename of the image. Took a lot of trial and error to get to that point, but seems to work fine (this is a little longhand because this is just small subset of the batch … I’ve also got a lot of IPTC/EXIF fiddling in there).

Thanks for the replies guys,


I tried your method under irb and get..

@picture = Picture.new()

=> #<Picture:0x3dfa310 @new_record=true, @invalid_image=false,
@attributes={"caption"=>nil, "data"=>nil}>

@picture.caption = "A test"

=> "A test"

@picture.data = File.new("/Users/kwe/Desktop/two.jpg")

NoMethodError: undefined method `size' for #<File:/Users/kwe/Desktop/
        from ./script/../config/../config/../vendor/plugins/flex_image/
lib/flex_image/model.rb:156:in `data='
        from (irb):3

I'm not that familiar with ruby, my File class does not seem to have
a .size method !?!?


@f = File.new('/Users/kwe/Desktop/two.jpg')

=> #<File:/Users/kwe/Desktop/two.jpg>


NoMethodError: undefined method `size' for #<File:/Users/kwe/Desktop/
        from (irb):11


=> #<File::Stat dev=0xe000002, ino=1008872, mode=0100644, nlink=1,
uid=501, gid=501, rdev=0x0, size=305935, blksize=4096, blocks=600,
atime=Tue Jun 05 16:17:54 +0100 2007, mtime=Thu Apr 26 16:35:18 +0100
2007, ctime=Tue Jun 05 16:17:46 +0100 2007>

Any ideas?


Thanks for reminding me, I forgot I adjusted FlexImage to handle this (sorry).

In flex_image/lib/flex_image/model.rb , there’s a line (156) in the data=(file) method that looks like this:

   if file.size


The problem I ran into was the one you ran into, file.size doesn’t work with File.new (apparently) … however, file.stat.size does.

So, I added this above that line:

    size = file.stat.size
    size = file.size

and replaced that line with:

  if size > 0

The whole thing:

    size = file.stat.size

    size = file.size
  if size > 0

Sorry again that I forgot to mention that. And yes, there’s probably a more elegant way than fiddling directly in the FlexImage code. In fact, there’s probably a more elegant way to handle this in general (feel free to fill me in).


That works great - thanks again.