fixtures subdirectories

I have come to a seeming realization that rails will only load
from one directory per each functional test file (this seems a little
un-DRY to
me). Am I wrong in my assumption; can it be done? Or is this
intentional and I simply don't understand how things are supposed to

I'm a Rails noob, but I am willing to dive into the Rails source if it
is just a matter of putting
some hours into it.


If you have some namespaced models, then the associated namespaced
fixtures will be in their own directory by default.

Thanks for your response Andrew.

I should have been more specific in my question : my reason for
wanting this is so I can have a few different fixture files for the
SAME model : it seems I can't have fixtures for the same model in the
same directory.

[ I have a few "count" methods that I want to make sure are working
correctly in different circumstances (eg. depending on what type of
user is making the call) ]

You probably want fixture scenarios.

Thanks for taking the time to reply, Mislav.

Just looked at scenarios. This looks promising, but there doesn't
to be any way to share fixtures between multiple tests.
I have a set of lookup tables that won't change between tests,
whereas i have another table that I would like to change from test to

I may not be understanding scenarios properly, though, so I will have
a closer look tomorrow.