rake db:fixtures:load and spec/fixtures

The desire:
  to run a rake task that loads fixtures from my "spec/fixtures"

The current situation:
  "rake db:fixtures:load" will load all fixtures from "test/fixtures"
  "rake db:fixtures:load FIXTURE_DIR=something" will load all fixtures
from "test/fixtures/something"

What to do?
  Thinking abstractly, I don't see the need for FIXTURE_DIR
  I'd prefer a FIXTURE_PATH argument which would look for fixtures in
"#{RAILS_ROOT}/#{fixture_path}" (defaulting to test/fixtures)
  But, this would break current expectations.

"rake db:fixtures:load FIXTURE_PATH='spec/fixtures'"

I dunno...

"rake db:fixtures:load FIXTURE_PATH='spec/fixtures'"

So long as the existing functionality doesn't break, I think this
would be a nice addition.

I've made the patch,

it also deals with rake db:fixtures:identify which I tidied up a bit
in the process
(it was still using RAILS_ROOT, rather than Rails.root)