Fix URL redirecting

I tried posting this once but had problems with Google Groups.

Hi, I watched the rails screencast on creating a blog in 15 minutes. I followed along got it working on my home PC and I then uploaded it to my web host. So I have,


I had to change some config in the blog app (i.e. production mode, db settings).

I then created a directory…

cd ~/public_html/bor

And a symlink to point to my blog app…

ln -s ~/blog/public ~/public_html/bor

I deleted the blog/public/index.html and I modified blog/config/ routes.rb to contain the following line:

map.connect ‘’, :controller => ‘blog’, :action =>‘index’

I did that so when someone goes to they would get directed to what is the index action in my blog_controller.

Ok, so things are working and I can see my blog posts when I go to, Now if I click on post I get redirected to …and from that page if I click “back” I end up at …basically all the links look like instead of what I hoped to see,

Any ideas?

If it helps, my blog_controller.rb has the following method for the “index” …

def index list render :action => ‘list’ end


uh huh...

simplest solution rename blog controller to bor controller and move it up a directory

...I am reading the agile book now (is there a certain section you recommend for more information?).

Anyways, what do you mean by "move it up a directory"? Move the bor_controller somewhere? The controller is kept in app/controllers, sorry just not understanding what you mean.

Thanks for the help though.

That because it's all going through the 'blog' controller. If you have other controllers, your url would look like:

  /bor/comments/show/1   /bor/products/new

so can I get rid of "bor" altogether and somehow make my blog application accessible, even though it is stored at,



I'd prefer not to even have the "bor" and symlink....but I didn't know how else to expose blog/public to the web.