No route matches "/site/homepages" with {:method=>:get}

Can anyone out here help. I am new to Ruby on Rails and struggling
with the above error
My Website was up and running for some months and I was happily
developing it until one day
when I was on holiday calls to my website produced the above error
After a lot of reading up what seems to be the problem is that I have
a symlink called site
in my website "public_html" which points to my application "public"
folder which is in another folder in my website root (as a form of
What seems to be happening suddenly is that my routes.rb file is
trying to recognise "site/homepages" instead of "homepages"
I am in development mode, using rails2.02
I have checked my routes recognition in the irb console in the
following way which I think proves that my application is running OK:

irb ActionController::Routing::Routes
generate(:controller => "homepages", :action => "create")

=> "/homepages"

generate(:controller => "dsplaces", :id => 5, :action => "create")

=> "/dsplaces/create/5"

recognize_path("/homepages",:method => :get)

=> {:controller=>"homepages", :action=>"index"}

QUESTION:- How can I get the Rails routing system to drop the "site"
part of the url in order that it will recognise my controllers.
and why should it suddenly stop recognising the path"site/xxxx" when
it was doing so for months
Unfortunately I need site in the url as it is used all over in my
coding, which was written in Rails 1.28 I think

If it helps my first and last lines or my development log is a

Processing ApplicationController#index (for at
2008-05-08 21:40:24) [GET]
  Session ID: xxxxxxxxxxxlong set of charxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  Parameters: {}

ActionController::RoutingError (No route matches "/site/
glossaryentries" with {:method=>:get}):
routing.rb:1441:in `recognize_path'

Rendering /usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/actionpack-2.0.2/lib/
action_controller/templates/rescues/layout.erb (not_found)

Can you post your routes.rb file?