first app on Dreamhost with Passenger : "rails needs to know your username and password" ?

I am trying to deploy my first rails app with Dreamhost. I ftp'd over my existing app, turned on Passenger and pointed it to my /public directory. When I go to '' I get the 'Ruby on Rails: Welcome aboard' default page, including the following:

Getting started Here’s how to get rolling:

   1.       Create your databases and edit config/database.yml

      Rails needs to know your login and password.

Is that message about rails needing to know your login and pwd unusual? Because I've uploaded the database.yml with the correct username/pwd for the hosting environment and changed the host from localhost to I created the databases on Dreamhost's cpanel, and then ran rake db:migrate from within ssh. The migrations went fine, so I thought I had the user/pwd/host correct in database.yml.

I've also done the 'touch tmp/restart.txt' thing and I still get the 'welcome to rails' page.

I am mostly a rails newb and completely a hosted *nix environment newb, so I don't even know where to start looking. Any suggestions?


Did you remove index.html from your /public directory?

Sounds like it is still there.

Nope, it's still there. Now I really feel like a dork. Also, my regular 'starting point' I had been using was a different page, and it is loading.

However, now it looks like my data isn't there. I'm loading a couple of lookup tables in the migrations (I know now that is discouraged, but I'm still doing it for now) and they appear to not be loaded, although the migrations didn't throw any errors. Also the php_myadmin page for isn't loading either, so apparently there are other issues.

thanks for your reply

No problem. It sounds to me like there is a bare Rails app there, not your app.

Good luck - post back if you need more help :slight_smile:

No, I think my app is there. Now it looks like there's a problem with restful_authentication. I get my logon page and when I login, it redirects me back to the login page. When I look at the log, it looks like it's working; it's going through the SessionsController#create, getting a Session ID, then it lists the params, then says 'rendering sessions/new', and I'm back at the login page. In the SessionsController.create method, the only path through the code that renders back to the :new action also has a flash[:notice] that isn't showing. Here's the create method:

def create     self.current_user = User.authenticate(params[:login], params [:password])     if logged_in?       if params[:remember_me] == "1"         self.current_user.remember_me         cookies[:auth_token] = {           :value => self.current_user.remember_token ,           :expires => self.current_user.remember_token_expires_at }       end       respond_to do |format|         format.html do           flash[:notice] = "Logged in successfully" "Trying to direct successful login to user home")           redirect_to(home_url)         end         format.xml { render :xml => self.current_user.to_xml }       end     else       respond_to do |format|         format.html do           flash[:notice] = "Error logging in"           render :action => 'new'         end         format.xml { render :text => "badlogin" }       end     end   end

Hmm.. check the obvious stuff - that the user account exists and you have the correct username and password - if you do and everything database wise looks ok, can you post a bit of the log?

This is a long shot, but is the Dreamhost server running the most recent version of Passenger? There was an issue with some Passenger versions from earlier this year that exhibited very similar behavior...

--Matt Jones