Dreamhost Deployment Issues

I've set up a RoR application on my Dreamhost account and it worked OK - mine is at http://search.chooseyournursery.com/. I have only put the framework in place but it looked just like it looks on my local machine.

Are you setting it up as a sub-domain or as a sub-directory?


Please be specific about what won’t work. I’m sure I can help you once you’ve given me more to go on.

  1. Did you edit config/environment.rb and set the app to production mode?
  2. Did you edit public/.htaccess and change dispatch.cgi to dispatch.fcgi?
  3. Did you set public/dispatch.* to chmod 755?

Can you even get the “welcome to Rails” page to display? It’s just HTML and should be enough to prove that the subdomain is mounted properly.

Oh :slight_smile: That’s easy.

You can’t use socket: in your database.yml file. You need to use host: yourdb.yourdomain.com

Let me know if that needs to be more clear. Your mysql database is on a different machine than your web account so you need to use the hostname of the server, not a socket.