Firebird adapter HELP???????

Hi Rick,

I actually asked the same question a while ago And as you can see there was
no answers for that. But, after some trial and error I managed to get
it to work.

Before I posted the thread asking for help, I went through the
following tutorial,
but I did not get it to work, and that is when I got that error
message. But, I found out what was missing.

I installed it under Ubuntu Linux, and first I made sure that was in /usr/lib. In other words, if you installed from
the repository, then make sure that you install firebird-dev. I always
install from the archives.

Next, you do the following:

1) install fb-0.5.9
2) install fb_adapter
3) go to the folder where fb-0.5.9 is (in my case it is under
/usr/lib/ruby/gems/1.8/gems/fb-0.5.9), and do a sudo make install.
That should install fb-0.5.9.

That's it, you can now follow the rest of the tutorial from

Migrations aren't yet working.

Good luck!


Sorry, wrong link. Here is the correct one

All the best,


Thanks for sharing the knowledge, you're a life-saver.

Best regards,

No problem. I am working on the code to add support for migrations,
and will share that as well soon. Right now, I am able to do some
migrations, but I still have to do a fair bit of testing. I am not
really a Ruby expert, so it takes a little more time, because I have
to read about certain features.

Anyway, I will share after I finish.

All the best,