Filtering ZenTest's Autotest output: stack trace

Is there anyway to prevent autotest from outputting the huge stack
trace of failed tests? I just want the little "Your code railed at
line 6 of user_spec.rb" output...

I'm running Rspec 1.1.1 and RspecOnRails 1.1.1, with rails 2.0.2

The stack trace will help you one day, don’t get rid of it.

I gotcha, but they are really long, and it's hard for me to see what
went wrong when i have 3+ fails. It would be nice to restrict the
stack trace to 2 lines, because really all I need is the line in my
spec that failed. I've seen a whole bunch of autotest demos where they
actually print out the code that failed under the notification. I know
the textmate bundle can do something like this, but I have windows,
and I want to use the command line anyway for my autotesting. Any

Ryan Bigg wrote:

I'm working on autotest right now. That sounds like a useful option,
if nothing else.