file_column and multiple image upload

I don’t know about file_column, but acts_as_attachment can do that pretty easily.

you can use this with file_column to upload multiple files

Hi Pablo.

I have got file_column working with multiuple uploads, it only needs a
few extra lines of code to handle. Unfortunately I haven't got the
code with me as I'm at work now. If noone else can help I'll post it


I need this code lines, please...

hey guys... sorry I forgot to post.

The key to getting this working is in the view. Don't use the standard
helpers. My view has the following in a partial.

<input id="resource_<%=@i%>_filename_temp"
name="resource[<%=@i%>][file_temp]" type="hidden" />
  <input id="resource_<%=@i%>_filename" name="resource[<%=@i%>][file]"
size="25" type="file" />
where @i is a unique id for each resource.