HOWTO: Multiple file upload with file_column

Taylor Strait schrieb:

Lots of requests but not many answers on this topic. Here is how you do it:

FORM: <table> <% for i in 1..6 %>   <tr>     <td class='Label'><label>Title</label></td>     <td><input id="<%= "picture_#{i}_title" %>" name="<%= "picture[#{i}][title]" %>" size="30" type="text" /></td>   </tr>   <tr>     <td class='Label'><label for="image_data">Image</label></td>     <td><input id="<%= "picture_#{i}_image_data_temp" %>" name="<%= "picture[#{i}][image_data_temp]" %>" type="hidden" />         <input id="<%= "picture_#{i}_image_data" %>" name="<%= "picture[#{i}][image_data]" %>" size="30" type="file" /></td>   </tr>     <tr>     <td><br /></td>   </tr> <% end %> </table>

CONTROLLER:       params[:picture].each { |attr, value|                             unless value[:image_data].blank?                               new_image =                               new_image.person_id = session[:person_id]                               new_image.title = value[:title]                               new_image.image = value[:image_data]                                                 end                            }

MODEL: class Image < ActiveRecord::Base

  file_column :image


Hi Taylor,

how do you handle and display the errormessages, e.g: the 1st and 3rd file don´t match filesize or filetype etc out of a total of 4 ??

Best regards matthi

ps: i have also multiple_file upload running, even my code is different, the error_message_stuff should/could be handled the same