export to excel

Hi      I have some data to be exported as well as imported to/from my rails application to Excel.Could anybody please point me some good advise on how to do this..Also expect some good links on the same

Thanks in advance Sijo

The exporting bit came up on the roro list recently. See the last post in the thread. I’ve just been using csv format and fastercsv myself with some visual basic to help the end user. Often wondered about the xml format of excel as well…



try for the spreadsheet-excel gem .you can google for spreadsheet-excel gem.You will get the sample code for it.if you dont get it just mail me i will provide you the sample code

Hi Karthik,

Can you guide me how to export data's to Excel sheet, which i am taking it from Webpage;

My code ..... .....code continues elements = get_text_fields(ie) elements.each{|e| p 'Name - ' + e.name p 'Value - ' + e.value .... ....code continues

after executing i am getting "Value", "Name"; Now i need to export to Excel, Name as Header and Value in each cells (rows and columns)