Help on Spreadsheet::Excel

Dear all,

For the export to excel functionality i have used Spreadsheet::Excel gem

it works fine. i would like to design the excel sheet with html ,css.(i
want to give color and height and width to each cell of the excel

I have goggled for this but nothing saved me...

please u people suggest me any sample code or links that i can try

Thank you for your time to view my query

Hey New,

Have you tried this:

Ozgun Koyun wrote:

Hey New,

Have you tried this:

Thank you for the reply ...the link was usefull


worksheet.write(2, 1, "TIME") => this works

how to specify cell ranges for wrting into the row

worksheet.write(2, 1..2 ,"TIME") this is gives me error...

how i should specify..

pls help..