Ever changing environment... stop it??

Hi all... relative new guy....

I am a new rails developer but am working as hard as I can to become

What are your best practices for locking down an environment to
develop projects in? I want to set up a server and also a local
environment then build projects for ... say... 6 months without
changing anything... is this done in practice?





Yeah, and you will pretty quickly get the hang of it… it is a lot less scary IMO than other frameworks. You have Rails 3 with bundler, definitely use RVM (ruby version manager). With these two you should be set. RVM is really cool because you can create gemsets and have as many as you want. I create one per project. When you run bundle install while in a specific gemset, rvm installs the gems to that gemsets gem location and keeps everything compartmentalized from other gemsets and apps. You can do the same in production.