Emacs tips

Hey folks, I am just getting back into Emacs, coming from Textmate,
and thought I would see if anybody has any cool tricks to share. In
the 2 days i've been hacking around I have been aww struck many times.
predictive-mode for one blew my mind. And rails reloaded along with
rinari-minor-mode are very cool. Just 3 examples of cool things. Emacs
is so powerful!! But it is almost too powerful that you can loose
yourself in it. So rather than diving in blind, I thought I would try
the collective mind first.

I would love for this to turn into a long thread of useful pointers
and tips that will make us all better.

P.S. Please no flame wars... I know it can be a touchy subject.
Personally, I have every editor out there; and if editor X does
something great; then I'll do it in editor X, until I find a way to do
it in my favorite editor. Currently, I prefer Textmate, but use emacs
for the sheer power. Why can't anybody just combine the Textmate UI
with the emacs back end??

Take a look at this


there is a link at the bottom tells you where to find stuff, if you've
come across something cool that's not on here I'd love to know.

It's worth noting the "emacs starter kit" stuff on github.


I've got an Aquamacs flavored one (there are some forks of it, too),
listed there. It's based on other Rubyists starter kits that are more
".emacs" based.


My first suggestion is to try org-mode if you haven't already. If you
have already looked at it, but haven't given it a try, then now is the
time! Org-mode offers a lot of functionality, but you can easily learn
it a little bit at a time.

There are also a good list of tips here: