switched! -- and finally I am having fun with rails :-)))

This might be a little off topic…

After fighting with M$ Windoze for soooo long I finally bought a Mac (MacBook Pro 15", 2GB, 2.33GHz, Core 2 Duo) and the first thing I did is install TextMate and Rails.

FINALLY, Rails is so much fun! :slight_smile:

I really have a decent Windows notebook and all but YOU JUST CAN NOT HAVE FUN WITH RAILS ON WINDOWS - STOP!

So, all you Windows victims out there, don’t desparate. It’s not Rails, it’s the crappy OS :-)))

use linux, use mac, use as/400, us vms, use os/2, use your c64, just don’t use Windows (suck-tm)

[ just had to say that - feeling better now ]


Um, I run Rails on Windows on WinXP (using RadRails), and have for
months. I also run on a Linux box (also with RadRails). I've been
having fun with both.

Not that I wouldn't love to have a Mac, but I'd be interested in what
editor/IDE you were using on Windows that wasn't much fun.

...and then I went back and actually read your post. So it's
TextMate. Is that an actual IDE or just a file editor?

Is there that big a difference between the Windows implementation of
TextMate vs. the Mac version?

Now that’s the funny part …

TextMate only exists on Mac
There’s no Windows version

Despite that, the whole look and feel and Mac is just sooo different (in a good sense)

Ruby and Ruby on rails are FUN on any OS.
Personally I use Ruby and Rails on XP and Ubuntu and enjoy every time.
Eclipse is my most used IDE for Ruby on Rails but very often find my
self in a plain editor.
One of my goals is to make the same things on both OS and to be able
to be OS independent.
So I have MySQL, PostgreSql, Sqlite, Apache and all the goodies on
both OS and just pure FUN wherever I go.

If you wondering I use XP for most of my development (C++, C #)
because most of my clients are Windows based and I use Linux for the
emotions like Love, self-fulfillment, being part of something great
and claver and you know the feeling.

Peter Ertl wrote:

Despite that, the whole look and feel and Mac is just sooo different (in a
good sense) [on TextMate]


Out of the box, <Home> and <End> go to the top and bottom of a file,
respectively, which is almost never what you want to do.

Next, most of programming a well-factored application requires
flicking between methods in different files. So the search system A>
cannot simply "search all open documents", B> puts "search entire
project" into a separate window, C> blocks input during the search, D>
requires several keystrokes to load and start the search, and E>
require several keystrokes just to step thru the citations.

Next, Mac treats applications as suites of common windows, despite all
programming consists of flicking between different applications. So,
at flick time, Mac hides the blurred application's satelite windows or
insists on putting them under satelite windows of the focussed
application. Even if you might have needed to read something on them.
Mac is too condescendingly helpful here...

Next, Mac treats minimized, hidden, and overlapped windows
differently, requiring different keystrokes or mouse-abuse to get to

And don't get me started about peripheral items, like bouncing icons
on the application bar, or the crappy window manager shipped with

Gernot Kogler wrote:

I've done Rails with XP, Ubuntu and OS X. RADRails + Subclipse +...
makes a very nice Rails IDE in my view. Textmate is nice, too, but I'm
still not completely conviced. I might switch back to Eclipse even under
OS X...

How fast were your test runs?

As I check last time speed is not a most significant measure of a good
unit testing.

dima wrote:

As I check last time speed is not a most significant measure of a good
unit testing.

Then how often do you run the test batch?

I use KATE (KDE Advanced Text Editor), my ruby/rails server is
accessed via ftp and KATE has no problem with this.

Does textmate or eclipse handle ftp as easily as local files?

Yes. It's not best practice for production.

But when learning, it's nice and quick, it takes a few steps out of
the process.