Easy way to output translatable selection dropdown's in rails forms?

I have been looking for some time now to get easy translateable selection dropdown’s for my rails forms and still unable to find a good gem, method to approach this.

My goal is to:

  • Insert a form collection selection ( dropdown ) wich holds a collection of values and have that collection of values translated in several languages
  • Be able to insert based on current rails I18n locale the right collection of values for that locale

Carmen gem does this for the languages but Ill need a global solution for my own collections,
Anyone could recommend me a gem or method on how to approach? Im rather stuck on this one

IMO this is the best gem for localization in ruby: http://r18n.rubyforge.org/

Unless I misunderstand the problem, that should do the trick for you.
You can define the YAML for multiple cultures, and just populate your
drop down from that.