dynamic paths

does anyone know how i can make dynamic paths?

say i had a partial for maybe an index list, but i want the link to
the show page to be dynamic so im able to use the partial for may

<%= link_to "show", "#{object}" + _path(object) %>

something along those lines.

excellent. thank you.

i further step.

I have a polymorphic association where im trying to achieve something

im feeding an xml file to a swf.

the xml iterates over the poly model, but it belongs_to many different

but the xml file is called from the poly controller. so the above wont
work correctly, right?

if this doesnt make sense i can post some code

Are you looking for polymorphic_path ?


If your routes are set up in the default RESTful style, then you
should just be able to call:

<%= link_to 'show', object %>

...and the routing system will get what you mean. If things are more
complicated, you may need of the other solutions here. Or, you could
call a named route like this:

<%= link_to 'show', send("#{some expression that gives you the name}
_path", object) %>

but the previous example seems much cleaner.

--Matt Jones

Let me see if i can be more clear, and i will try some of the
suggested solutions

Im trying to make the route paths dynamic.

Lets say I have 2 models document, and article

I would have paths like
document_path(document), documents_path, new_document_path etc...
and similar for article
article_path(article), articles_path, new_article_path etc....

In the past few apps I have been developing I have come across
situations where I have had blocks of code (that could be a helper or
partial) that are pretty much the same for various models. or im this
particular case, an xml file that needs to be used by various models.

So in these cases I want to be able to create 1 partial or helper or
even an xml.builder that could allow the passing of any model object.

Database attributes work as they should
document.title or article.title could be passed in like so <%=
my_partial(object) %> with

Def my_partial(object)

The problem comes with the restful paths

document_path(document) or article_path(article)

Where I want to generate

#{object}_path(object) or #{object)s_path or new_#{object}_path

This way i can create 1 block of code to be used by many objects

Does that make more sense?

After diving into a few mentioned scenarios (thanks Frederick) the
polymorphic_path and polymorphic_url is what i was looking for.

thanks guys