Don't know what this error means.

Can you post The first 4 lines of your routes.rb file please. Also what version of rails are you using?

It’s clearly Rails 1.1.6 and I suspect that from the other gems, that it’s not the 1.2RC1 either.

If that’s the case, then you appear to be using RESTful routes which were introduced with 1.2. If you can upgrade your Rails to 1.2.x, you should be able to use this feature.


Rob Biedenharn

That was what I was trying to get to, guess I should have looked further down the stack trace…

As Rob said, the RESTful stuff didn’t get added to rails until
R1.2 You need to update your rails. I don’t have experience
with instant rails, but perhaps use the rake task to freeze rails to a
paricular version.