Upgrade to Rails 1.2.2 : RESTful routes not working anymore


I just upgraded my app to Rails 1.2.2. My routes are :

map.with_options :path_prefix => “/admin”, :name_prefix => “admin_” do |m| m.resources :requests, :controller => “admin/requests”, :collection => { :destroy => :delete, :search => :post } do |request|

  request.resources :histories, :path_prefix => "/admin/requests/:request_id", :name_prefix => "admin_", :controller => "admin/histories"


I got this error :

admin_destroy_requests_url failed to generate from {:action=>“destroy”, :controller=>“admin/requests”}, expected: {:action=>“destroy”, :id=>/[^/;.,?]+/, :controller=>“admin/requests”}, diff: {:id=>/[^/;.,?]+/}

From this piece of code <% form_for(:request, :url => admin_destroy_requests_path, :html => { :method => :delete, :id => :adminDeleteForm, :name => :adminDeleteForm }) do |f| %>

If I switch my app back to 1.2.1, everything works fine. Any idea?

Thanks in advance, Thomas.

I've seen the exact same error, looks like a regression in Rails

Rick Olson gave me the solution. #destroy is a reserved word. I changed to trash. Works like a charm. Happy again ;o) Thomas;

ah hah! makes sense.