Domain setup w/ RoR & Plesk

Hi all. I have Rails installed on a dedicated virtual server that's
running Plesk.

I've been told by my hosting service that removing or altering Plesk's
default domain root folder (httpdocs) is likely to muck things up.

So what's my best option for setting up rails apps, given that I can't
create them as the domain root?

I generally tell capistrano to deploy in something parallel to the httpdocs directory, and then add in the domain vhost.conf proxy directives, running the rails app as normal on a high port with mongrel.

Plesk gets in the way a little, but your main problem will be getting subversion and ssh to play nice with capistrano on one of those god-awful 1&1 boxes...


I'm not running capistrano or mongrel, but the vhost.conf redirection
worked for me. the rails directory is actually httpdocs/railsapp, and
it's running great. Thanks.