configure server subdomains

I'm willing to give you a hand, but I'm not sure that I, or anyone else
for that matter, understands what you are asking.


Oh, I think I see what you want to do...

You want to have a subdomain for each user setup, and you wish to have
rails running on those sub domains.

Everything you require is within the <Directory> command in your Apache
conf files. Here's mine.

You should not be using the Webrick server for anything but local
development. The httpd.copnf file is an apache2 configuration file, it
has nothing to do with webrick.

If you are running linux, there are instructions on how to setup most
linux distributions with Apache and RoR. From trolling on this list, I
think that it's possible to run RoR on IIS/Windows, but I'm not sure.
Some time spent with Google will help.


This may be overkill for your situation, but it should give you some
insights on how to do what you want (if I understand what you want to