Distinguishing between edge and current version of docs

Could we do something to more easily distinguish the "edge" and
"current" vesions, other than the url change? I think with the Rails
3.0 docs now available, some people are reading those thinking that's
current, not edge. The url difference is too subtle.

Some kind of common header/footer across the site would be really
helpful, as a reminder of what you're reading no matter what page
you're on.


You probably now edge docs have been always published, the API and
guides are regenerated periodically from docrails at api.rails.info
and guides.rails.info. The docs for Rails 3 will be out only when
Rails 3 is released, and will be available only then in

Anything pointing to rails.info is edge and in flux. Release notes are
work in progress and links started to spread pointing to rails.info!

Your suggestion sounds good to me, especially with the release notes
there has been some confusion and people following links may not
realize that is the edge site, and they can jump to the rest of the
edge guides right there.

-- fxn

PS: BTW In a matter of hours edge docs will have subdomains in
rubyonrails.org. We'll announce it.