api.rubyonrails.org is showing version 2.3.3

I wasn't exactly sure where this should go but I figured this would be a good place start.


Thanks for the heads up Michael, it is up to date now.

BTW, is there any way to get the docs for 3.0.0.beta3?


Edge docs are periodically generated from docrails. The API is here


and guides here:


The main source of API docs is rails/master, docrails is mainly for
patching. So, there's always a little mismatch between what's in
rails/master and what's in docrails. But they are cross-merged like a
couple of times a week or so anyway.

There are no frozen docs for beta releases as such.

-- fxn

PS: rails.info was a domain used a while back, nowadays the official
URLs are the ones above.