Where is Rails 3 documentation?

Hi, I'm trying to test my application with Rails 3 beta 3, but I'm missing the great API docs.

I tried rake doc:rails, but it seems to be a little outdated with instructions like "find :all, ..." and "map.connect" on the READMES.

I can't find routing information on API (I'm missing the :shallow option) nor the Resources explanation, for instance.

I also miss ActiveModel::Base... does it exist? I'm planning to replace the dead plugin PassiveRecord with ActiveModel, but can't find any doc in the API...

Is there any way to view the up to date Rails 3 documentation?

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Try this:



Try this:


I have already used these guides for porting most of my app, but I still miss the API docs for more details.

I would like to know which options each method accepts, for instance, for searching about shallow resources and trying to figure out why I'm getting infinite loop in /users/login (it seems to be related to routing changes, because it works if I disable 'resources :users, :requirements => {:id => /[0-9]+/}'). Maybe :requirements is not supported any more or has changed, but I don' have any API to verify this...



In general API and guides have been revised (except for some), but
there have been so many changes in the code base that I am pretty sure
they will need an iteration cycle to converge.

I think a community effort is needed here. docrails has now public
write access, if you see any piece of documentation that lacks
something or uses previous idioms please just clone docrails from
github, fix it, and up!

Thank you but it is just fancier than the locally generated docs...

I can't find the method 'resources', for instance, in the Routing documentation (actually I can find nearly nothing about routing in the API).

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Is this what you are looking for?

Absolutely, but I don't see any docs there :wink:

But I already found what I wanted in:


Excelent screencasts!

:requirements has changed to :constraints...

But I still miss the wonderful documentation from 2.x series...

Thank you,