display the form text at page itself

hi, i have a view called forum which is a form and i want to show the data below the form when user fill the form. i have this code in Blog controller

def forum if request.post? and params[:blog} @blog = Blog.new(params[:blog]) if @blog.save redirect_to :action => “show” end end end

def show @z=Blog.return_forum end end

in this code it shows data in a seperate page called show.but i want to show data in the page itself(forum page)…plz can anyone tell me how can i do it

Use ajax or else instead of redirecting to show method , write the content of show in the forum itself. def forum if request.post? and params[:blog]      @blog=Blog.new(params[:blog])      if @blog.save              flash[:notice]="Forum successfully posted"     else           flash[:error]="Sorry! try it again"    end end @z=Blog.return_forum end