Determining width of viewing window

Does Rails provide a means for determining the width of the viewing
area? What I'd like to do is to be able to say something like,
'style="width: 100%-140px"'. Thanks.

       ... doug

that’s a server side issue, so it’s not as much as Rails issue as a Javascript issue. And as far as I know, Rails doesn’t have any helpers for that kind of function. Try looking around for the terms javascript and window.width. that should get you started…

The width of a viewing area is a clientside thing, Rails is a serverside framework. You need to look into Prototype (a JavaScript framework), which has functions to handle this kind of thing. I can recommend the “Prototype & Scriptaculous in Action” book from Manning as well as the prototype API on Position:

A google search should also bring up a couple of things.

Best regards

Peter De Berdt

Thanks to all. With the help I obtained, I got it working. The point
about the dimensions of the viewing area being a client-side thing is
well taken. Thanks again.

       ... doug