Monitor Size Problem ..


Need help .. Not related to rails or ruby .. :slight_smile:
Scenario is dat i had developed my application at a 17inch monitor .. so
used big size images as well.. i mean according to big screen monitor ..
Now if run this application at a 14inch monitor .. application is not
looking good .. So want to change this scenario .. I mean can we know
dynamically dat if monitor size is small that make everything small on
monitor.. :slight_smile:

Hope u peopl got it right .. want to know every possible way ..

Make sure you understand that this is not actually related to the size
of the screen, but to the resolution the system uses.

You could get the window size using javascript and even dynamically
change your application as the window is resized. I wouldn't know of
any way Rails can determine the system resolution or something like

It would be better though if you would spend some time on your HTML
and CSS and make sure it will show the way you want it to show on any
resolution. People don't care about horizontal scrollbars in 640x480:
they're probably used to that. So using a fixed layout will probably
be fine.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,
Jaap Haagmans

yeah, I know abt it.
we can know height and width from clientHeight and clientWidth ..
correct ..

Bt d'nt know how to go further.. Newayz .. Thanks for ur reply ..

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