Deployment to a new 10.6 server (for a Rails beginner)?

Hi, I've done a few small projects with Rails, mainly learning the
framework. I use my laptop for development (and to-date, for
production, though I haven't really put anything into 'real'

I recently picked up a new 10.6 Server version of a Mac Mini. I would
like to use it, among other things, to learn how to do proper
versioning and deployment of a Rails app. I am, however, at a loss as
to how to go from where I am (everything on my laptop) to deploying to
the server. The server, by the way, is accessible as dataserver.local
on the LAN and also via a URL that I registered.

Does anybody know of a good tutorial for setting up this type of
environment for serving Rails apps?

If not, can anybody provide guidance on what I need to do in order to
start deploying to the server?