how to deploy a rails project in to server

hi to every one
am new to ror

recently we develop a project called

everything work in localhost properly.

can anyone tell me the procedure for deploying rails project from
localhost to server .

plz help me. its very urgent

thanks in advance

There are dozens of blog posts and even a recently released book on
the subject from The Pragmatic Programmer. would be
the first place to look. Google would be the second.

thanks for ur reply

can u tell me the procedure for deploy a simple "helloworld"
application into server using goddady

Hi everyone & Kumar

Yes I know, someone will come up with capistrano, which is good and
fine, but this guy doesn't seem to have the time to learn it.
So just a few pointers:
- You need to have ruby and rails (and mongrel) running on the new
Server ( you are telling us too little about WHAT exactly you may need
to deploy apart from your own application)
- Usually it's enough to copy the database to the new server, empty it
from testdata, rename it to the productionname (you DID configure a
production-DB in your database.yml?)
- then copy the application-directory to the new server and see if it
runs with "script/server -e production"
- look into mongrel_rails
- look into apache-proxying - don't run mongrel on port 80
- start by moving the application to another non-production-server, to
see if you got the basics working, before going into production

good luck, and try dry-running this kind of move next time, before you
have to post another "urgent cry for help"
Best wishes, Phil


First you read the various articles on deploying a rails app to the
server, then you try to follow them.

This is a pretty deep topic that has been covered at length. Time to
do a little homework.