Deployment help, apache, mongrel, rails, capistrano, mysql (noob deploy)

I connect to the remote host via ssh, or sftp. I requested that they
install mongrel, they are running apache/mysql/rails.

I set base url of my app
Set default error pages
Put in production mode
Uploaded my app to my document root
CHanged user info in database.yml to match host.

1. Do they need anything else installed on their end?

2. I developed this app on a win32 environment, could anyone out there
with similar settings give me a breif summary of their deployment
process, so I am headed in the right direction?


You’ll have to do most of your work in ssh shell on the server.

First, ‘script/console production’ to see if you’re connecting to database properly. Find a record to make sure ‘User.find(:first)’ or whatever suits your app.

Second, verify that “they” installed mongrel. ‘gem list -l mongrel’. Who is “they” ? Virtual Hosting? Tech support seems to be pretty helpful for most of the hosting services.

Next, you’ll have to work through configuring the web server. Don’t start mongrel just yet. Get the app running on cgi, fcgi, or whatever the server is configured to handle (cgi is usually the default). Mongrel is a layer in the web configuration, and it will cause confusion in troubleshooting if your setting up.

Keep us updated!