Deploying for the real world. I need a plan!

I want to develop with Ruby and Rails, and have gone throught the Prag
Prog and Agile Web Dev on my local setup with Netbeans and Instant
Rails with success.

What are the costs involved in running your own server? (e.g.
connection, and the actual server) I have home cable connection, no
static IP. How do I go about getting a connection that will allow me
to build websites and have my own server?

What problems are there if I opt to run all my sites from a rails
hosting company? (e.g. Lunarpages)

Sorry for my lack of knowledge here. I have a CS degree but no real
world experience. How do I go about getting my own commercial web
server up and running or should I just go the hosted route? Note the
traffic will hardly be enourmous, but it should be able to host an
some (more than a couple) sites.

Thanks a million!


I've been very pleased with WebFaction. They specialize in open
source, have a great control panel for setting up apps and services,
and have great customer service. Worth a look.

Chances are your cable company's terms of service prohibits using
your existing connection for this :slight_smile:

You could investigate getting a business DSL line with static IP. But
then you're totally responsible for the infrastructure: server itself,
routers/hubs, UPS + generator for when the power fails, etc.

I lease a dedicated server from RackSpace, but you can also look at
a Virtual Private Server (VPS) for a bit lower cost.