deploying flex + rails apps using capistrano

hi there,

i am developing a rails app with a flex frontend using eclipse,
subversion and capistrano.

does anybody have a similar setup?

i am looking for good practices on how to configure my environment so
that a can deploy the rails + the flex app with one capistrano

i was thinking about configuring the flex build path output folder of
my flex project to be the public folder of my rails project, so that
my flex binaries are bundled with the rails app in subversion and can
be deployed with one capistrano command checking out from one svn

thanks for your ideas and experience

I worked with some people who were deploying a rails/fex app with
capistrano, I believe they set the build path to a subdirectory of
public, but set subversion to ignore it. Trying to keep it in
subversion caused problems because flex liked to destroy the .svn
directories (at the time). So during development they tested things at

They then set up an :after_update_code task in deploy.rb to run the
build using the terminal command, then rsync it to the proper location
on the server.

Just going from memory, sorry I can't give more details than that.