Deploy rails 2.2 app

I have a rails application on version 2.2 . But now I have installed rails 3 and I can't deploy rails 2.2 applicatoin. Do I have to downgrade my rails version to deploy the application. Or is there some way I can deploy both rails 3 and 2.2 applications.


The reason is because a lot of changes had happened with rails 3.0 You can migrate your code to the new version using tools available..Probably this may help:


If you want to run both versions on the same machine I think the best way is to use rvm to allow two different environments for the two versions.


Hi Colins, Ya I found somewhere I could use rvm . I guess it generates the gemfile and I just run bundle command. If you don't mind could you guide me through the process. Thanks Mishra I will check the link.

Regards, Prabesh Shrestha