Default routes in rails 3.0

Hi, I just created a scaffolding controller and tried to run the tests
and see it in the web browser. The problem is that I don't think the
routes were setup properly or at all. I get this error when I run the

ActionController::RoutingError: No route matches
{:task=>{"created_at"=>2010-10-12 03:06:22 UTC, "id"=>980190962,
"name"=>nil, "updated_at"=>2010-10-12 03:06:22 UTC,
"value"=>nil}, :controller=>"tasks", :action=>"create"}
test/functional/tasks_controller_test.rb:21:in `block (2 levels) in
    test/functional/tasks_controller_test.rb:20:in `block in

So all the tests fail. Likewise, http://localhost:3000/tasks/ gives
this error:

    No route matches "/tasks"

This is a fresh install of a rails application, so I didn't do
anything to mess it up :wink: I'm assuming rails is suppose to infer these
urls/routes through convention? Why isn't it doing that?


Run rake routes to see your routes.

Thanks very much for your response.

I actually ran this command already. This is what it prints out:

********@ubuntu:~/RubymineProjects/blog$ rake routes
(in /home/egervari/RubymineProjects/blog)

So... basically nothing.

What's in your config/routes.rb file?

Basically nothing. I don't think the generators put anything here for

  RjsDemo::Application.routes.draw do
    # lots and lots of comments

Okay, I think I fixed it:

I added this line and that works:

  resources :tasks




default routes are commented out by default in rails 3 as a security
issue. So you can't reach any action on your controllers if you just
know or guess the name of it.


You can comment it in again if you want to. It is at the bottom of