DateBocks rails 1.2 plugin does not work

I've installed the datebocks plugin (converted from engine) into my
app and it does not work. When I click on the calender icon it does
nothing. I know that I've installed it correctly. Maybe my previous
datebocks Engine installation is messing with the plugin? Anyone else
experience this problem?

I’ve found myself much happier just integrating datebocks into my application by hand. You’ll probably find it easier to maintain and marry to your application that way. The downside is missing out on bugfixes, but it really hasn’t been updated in a long time.

D. Taylor Singletary,
Reality Technician

The plugin copies the javascripts, html, and css over to the public
folder. Isn't that the same thing as integrating it into the app by
I did include All of the javascripts and css into the head section so
I don't know why its not working.