cannot get datebocks to work

Personally I had so much trouble with DateBocks that I just
downloaded the Dynarch Javascript calendar and wrote a short helper
method to create a tag for it in views.

It was much quicker than trying to get DateBocks working correctly.



Mind sharing the Dynarch helper method?

What errors did you have? Seeing as it's an open source project
intended to help people, would be great if you were able to share what
broke, even if you didn't fix it. I might be able to fix it on my end
for others at least.


Hi Nathaniel,

Sorry to be negative about what you have put alot of work into.
My problems were mainly javascript errors I think as I finally got the
calendar to appear after running the rake javascript update task on
your webpage.

I still had the problem that the dates always displayed in the input
field as yyyy-mm-dd and I couldn't figure out how to change it.....
maybe I didn't spend long enough!

Also all the phrase entries seem to be hard coded to American date
formats (ie enter 05/06 and it will assume mm/dd and again I couldn't
see any way to change the defaults...

Finally there seems to be an awfull lot of stuff installed when you
install the plugin!



Here is what I use as a helper with the dynarch calendar:
It may not be the smartest way (I've only been playing with rails for
a month) but is seems to work :

module CalendarHelper
# The following files are required to be able to use the calendar
# public/stylesheets/calendar/*.css
# public/javascripts/calendar/*.js
# public/images/calendar/*.gif