cannot get datebocks to work

Hey Kim,

Darrell and I are working on getting it up to speed with Engines 1.2 and Rails 1.2.x

Stay tunned!


Don't know if you saw this but someone converted dateboks to be a
normal plugin with no engines depedency

Cheers- -Ezra

Thanks Ezra, but I'll stick with my engines :slight_smile:

Say, is this plugin still available? I get status 500 when accessing the SVN

-- Long

Hey Long,

The new release I put out has a ton of new features which the plugin version will not have. Still not pleased that it attempted to get forked (especially with the tone and intention that was communicated by the announcement)... but what do ya say :slight_smile:


Hi Nathaniel,

I do think your plugin has a lot to offer and it is a great contribution to the Rails community. I would consider using it on a per-project basis. Though, for now I am looking for a simple calendar picker that I can easily customize its behavior. Also, I do need to have multiple calendars on the same view.

I don't know enough about engines (reading it), but my initial thought is a) avoid having more dependencies and b) if I can help it, avoid bulking up the application.

Falling short of re-inventing the wheel, I am open to other options.

-- Long

Nathaniel Brown wrote:

Michael wrote:

Long wrote: > Hi Nathaniel, > ...... easily customize its behavior. Also, I do need to have multiple calendars on the same view. .......


I use the old version "datebox_engine" and have multiple calendars on the same view without any problems at all. You should be able to search either this forum or the engines forum for the fix that I applied to make it work (very, very simple). I thought Nathaniel added that ability in the "datebocks" version but have not had a need to migrate to it to find out.

All in all, I found the engine to be very easy to get up and running and am greatly appreciative to Nathaniel for his work.

Hi Michael,

I assume you mean this link ...

Perhaps Nathaniel can integrate this with the new plugin. I believe it is on his to-do list.

An aside question, can you explain the origin of EOL? Is this documented somewhere, perhaps with Ruby doc?

-- Long

Hey Michael,

Many thanks for the encouragement.

The new version, Datetime Toolbocks has significant improvements. Allowing you to be able to create multiple datetime toolbocks, as well as having it use the value within the model itself.

The EOL abiqious name that is basically a stream input Start & end phrase. It can really be whatever you want...

my_new_var = <<-ANYTHING All the text within here can also have #{variables} and will not matter whether there are "quotes". ANYTHING

I didn't need to CIN to a variable, as the last variable/string created within any method is the return value, which in this case is used within the value.


I want to thank you both for sharing your insights here.

Nathaniel, I did see that the multiple datetime was a to-do item on your project home page. Perhaps, it needs to be updated.

I thought the <<-EOL usage in the helper method was interesting. It certainly makes cranking out html much easier, especially without having to worry about quotes ... so I learned something new today :wink:


-- Long

Nathaniel Brown wrote:

Hey Long,

The "Ability to have two calendars side by side for start/end dates" is specific to a constrained second calendar based on the first cal.

It would be useful for planning a range, or a flight arrival/departure dates, etc.

Having two fields, even with unique customization for each is entirely possible. Lots of development went into this specifically.