Date_select vs wrong date weird behavior

In my date_select if I choose 31 april 2008, it converts it for 1st may
2008 which it seems odd for me?

I say odd because first its difficult to validate at the model level, I
have to hook some code in the controller and secondly when I finally get
the validation errors I have to go back at the edit page and show the
selected date(and the error message) which should be 31 april 2008 but
the date is now 1st april 2008.

Any suggestion?

I know it should be better to have a calendar instead of a date_select
but I can't.

I'm not sure about that "should be 31 April" since every April I've
ever experienced has only had 30 days. Your first statement "it
converts it for 1st may" actually seems to be correct behavior if
you're riding on time's arrow.


Let me clarify.

The date_select help generates 3 combobox, days, months and year. So
for a user it is possible the select in days 31 for april, I know its a
wrong date that's why I want to nofify the user that he entered a wrong,
but when I display the page back whit the error the date has changed to
may 1st. I would like to show him the date_select with 31 april 2008
with the error on the site "Wrong date!"

So we that behavior, which is better to a crash(like it was before), I
can't display back the date entered by the user.


Rick wrote:


Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to you, I lost the thread...

I think what you're looking for is the callback from
ActiveRecord::Callbacks -- before_save