Data retrieval with :conditions

Hi Martyn,

Martyn Elmy-liddiard wrote:

Obviously my Model code is wrong

No offense intended, but there're problems with all your code.

<form action="/risk/liststatus2">
Status <input type="text" name="Status" size="20"><p>
<input type="submit">

You're hardcoding your form instead of using eRb. Rails will have a hard time figuring out what you're asking it to do. You'll need to decide whether you want your params bound to a model or not: text_field vs. text_field_tag.

> In the Risk Controller I have the following Code:-

def liststatus2
@found = Risk.liststatus2

Params get passed back to the controller in a hash. In the case above, the value is coming back in a param you'd address like:

@found = params[:Status]

and finally in the Model I have the following code:-
def self.liststatus2
  find(:all, :conditions => "Status = ?", @Status)

The value is in @found.