Search issue

I have a drop down list that has a value 'any'.
And I have this code in controller...

@results = Post.find(:all, :conditions => 'status = ?', @status)

There is no such value.

If any is selected, it means search for all records. What do I need to
put in variable @status to make so that it would search for all.

I can have multiple drop down lists in future with many combinations so
I cannot if statement here.

Oh yes you can :slight_smile: You just need to build up your conditions parameter bit by bit, eg

conditions = {}
if @status != 'any'
   conditions[:status] = @status

if @foo != 'any'
   conditions[:foo] = @foo

@results = Post.find :all, :conditions => conditions

You probably want to put most of this in the model.